Transformational Coaching

Transformational Coaching is about revolutionary changes in purpose and direction. Complete 360 degree paradigm shifts – in life and career change, starting up a business, exiting a business, starting and ending significant partnerships, moving continents, life purpose fulfilment, creating a life vision, breaking through sabotaging patterns and personal limitations, and more.

In transformational coaching, the intention is not for the person bringing the issue or case to leave with a new insight or a ‘must-do action list’, but rather to have experienced a ‘felt shift’ in the session, starting to think, feel and act differently about the situation they are concerned with. Our research shows that the chance of learning and change being transferred back into the live situation is much higher when this felt shift occurs than when people simply leave with good intentions.

Our programme is about connecting to the three minds: cognitive, somatic and field mind to embody a ‘felt sense’ of change that we connect to on a deep level. We connect to ourself, our purpose, and other people. Using significant life experiences – both positive and negative – to transform and create a very different and positive future. We use somatic coaching techniques to help you connect to a generative sense of self at a higher level of consciousness. You learn how to construct a new reality and way of being.

After a FREE initial consultation you will begin your programme which consists of six 90 min sessions over a period of 4 to 5 months.

Transformational coaching is delivered in 6 sessions, plus an initial ‘exploratory’ session:
Exploratory Meeting
Session 1 –  Life Purpose
Session 2 – Values & Purpose
Session 3 – Emotional Mastery
Session 4 – Identifying sponsors/ Transforming Blocks
Session 5 – Goals and Actions
Session 6 – Action Planning
  • The sessions are 1.5 hours long, and range from 2-4 weeks apart. The exploratory session is 45-60 mins.
  • There is ‘homework’ and tasks for the coachee to complete after each session.
  • If required there may be a follow up session 1-3 months after the end of the programme
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