The BEST Programme teaches a number of techniques that enable you to become aware of internal signals and consciously upgrade your body-mind.

The four stages of ‘BEST’ will take you from merely coping… to building resilience and stability… to learning how to unleash your higher potential and sustain peak performance.

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BUILD – this gives you the tools and strategies to build resilience by consciously altering the patterns that create stressful thinking and poor thinking habits. It will help you overcome the fluctuations of the mind and help you gain control over thoughts and emotions.

EMBODY – It then gives you ways to ground the mind and embody empowering emotional states to build a powerful centred state of being and develop an increasing sense of mindfulness and alignment so that you can return to calmness and lucidity even in the most challenging times.

SYNCHRONISE – this is when you are ready to move into optimal physiological coherence and integration. When the body-mind system is fully aligned and interacting harmoniously you are working at peak performance levels and information processing becomes very different. As well as psychological benefits such as increased emotional stability and improved cognitive performance, your overall health is improved through reduced blood pressure, and increased energy etc.

TRANSCEND – Finally, we work with you to transform you to higher levels of learning and achieve a sense of freedom, joy and fulfilment that is sustainable. This will help you to achieve higher levels of potential and even a higher level of ‘being’.