Multi-modal therapySue Tupling, founder of Embodied Counselling, uses neurolinguistic psychotherapy and body-based psychotherapy as her main modalities working in Stafford and Staffordshire. This is complemented with transformational coaching, hypnotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, yoga therapy, breath re-training, emotional freedom techniques and biofeedback work.

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An efficient therapeutic process
Depending on the presenting issue and desired outcome the therapy can typically be brief and short-term (6 to 10 hours) or for others more long-term work is needed. In her work, Sue aims to quickly get to the source of the problem, and does not need to dwell too much on personal history, only using it to look for less productive ‘patterning’ to restructure the client’s model of the world to a more productive and useful one for them.

The therapeutc programme is guided by the four-stage BEST process. As well as helping to heal ‘wounds’ – depression, anxiety, headaches, emotional problems – this process helps to strengthen your resources, upgrade your emotional wellbeing and deepen your connection to your life purpose.

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