MindfulnessThe modalities employed in Embodied Counselling help you develop a deeper connection to yourself and reconnect body and mind to release deep-seated tensions. They promote wholeness and balance throughout the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies by working with mind, body and energy.

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BEST graphicEmbodied Counselling takes the BEST approach, based upon the latest research and understanding from the fields of cardiology, neuroscience, psychology and physiology.

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Transformational Coaching – ResilienceEmbody a deep ‘felt sense’ of change to authentically connect with yourself and your purpose in life.

In Transformational Coaching you utilise significant life experiences – both positive and negative – to create the positive future you truly desire.

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what the body knowsOur bodies know more about our past than words can express. By understanding what our bodies have to teach us we can let go of the past and live a more fulfilling and happy future.

This one-day workshop is designed for anyone ages 18 or over and for those who feel at a turning point – in a professional life, partnering, parenting or simply wanting something new in their future.

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