MindfulnessThe modalities employed in Embodied Counselling help you develop a deeper connection to yourself and reconnect body and mind to release deep-seated tensions. They promote wholeness and balance throughout the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies by working with mind, body and energy.

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BEST graphicEmbodied Counselling takes the BEST approach, based upon the latest research and understanding from the fields of cardiology, neuroscience, psychology and physiology.

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Transformational Coaching – ResilienceEmbody a deep ‘felt sense’ of change to authentically connect with yourself and your purpose in life.

In Transformational Coaching you utilise significant life experiences – both positive and negative – to create the positive future you truly desire.

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couples stonesTherapy is regarded by some as a sign of weakness or failure, but anyone who has ever had therapy knows how wrong that is! Coming to therapy is a big step that is a sign of strength because it requires courage and a lot of commitment.

Couples therapy is no different. Sometimes we need help to navigate the challenges of our intimate relationships, and it is important to recognise that whilst a good couples therapist may influence you, the only person with the power to change things is you, and you do have that power, no matter how bad things have gotten. 

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