Relationships mature

We’re made to be able to be happy, in an imperfect world, that is endlessly unfolding, and we on earth are the local agents of that cosmological unfolding“ ~ Al Pesso

Relationships are one of the most important things in a person’s life. As human beings, a sense of connection is one of the ‘fruits’ of a happy life, vitally important to our happiness. No matter how much we might try to kid ourselves that we want to be alone, we need contact and connection for our very survival.

From the moment we are born it is only in relationship with other human beings that we develop our sense of self. Through moment by moment reciprocated interactions – verbal, visual, visceral – with parents, particularly the mother, we develop our ego and our sense of who we are. Throughout our entire lives, good relationships are integral to our successful sense of self.

However, when relationships aren’t working, whether this is friendships, romantic, or work relationships, it can lead to feelings of loss, despair, hurt, alienation, frustration and more. It can even mean that we learn to avoid relationships, but that too fails to make us happier.sense of self

Present consciousness is a tapestry woven from the threads of memory ~ Al Pesso

Counselling and psychotherapy can help us to see how difficult past relationships, often those earliest in our life, can have a negative impact on our present relationships.  And talking about issues helps us to make connections and develop awareness so that we have more choice and control in healthy, fulfilling relationships.